What are the benefits of enabling Leashing Mode?

Increased User Acceptance. When opening a door people compare the experience of using a phone to that of an RFID card.  An RFID card is a dedicated card with a computer and transmits the card number to an RFID door reader in 100-500ms. They are consistent and reliable and receive their power 100% from the RFID field.   By contrast, a mobile phone is a multi-application environment performing many tasks even when the phone appears to be asleep. Enabling Leashing Mode provides the user with a rapid response that is similar to what they experience today with a legacy RFID card.


A mobile device contains a battery which depletes the more that applications and tasks are performed. Unlike other mobile applications that consistently poll for a supported reader, the Safetrust Wallet is designed to limit battery consumption by remaining dormant until such time as it is awoken by a supported reader.

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