HID reader Power requirements

1. normal operation
HID iCLASS reader with the SABRE module requires less than 200mA for peak load operations.
Sustained current is less than 100mA.
The SABRE module adds approximately 20mA with WiFi enabled to the normal power requirements of the HID iCLASS reader.
2. Firmware update - SABRE Module
During firmware update, the SABRE module uses less than the 20mA for the update.
3. Firmware update - HID iCLASS reader 
While not related to Safetrust technology, it should be noted that a HID reader firmware update with a HID firmware update card can use 450mA during the firmware update process.
This is extremely important to know, because if your panel CANNOT supply 450mA to the reader during the update process, you may BRICK your HID reader.  This is a known issue with HID iCLASS readers in general.
We do not recommend field firmware updates of HID readers unless you have a SPARE reader on hand.  The process takes 15-20 minutes per reader and in our experience has a high probability of failure.
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