What does the IOS Wakeup Device do and how is it different from a Beacon?

The IOS Wakeup unit is a Safetrust device that re-purposes our Inline device hardware.  

A different firmware is updated to the Inline device to make it an IOS Wakeup unit. 

IOS Wakeup devices have one goal: to counteract the effort by IOS (operating system used for mobile devices manufactured by Apple Inc) to put background apps into a deeper sleep.  

Along with having the specialized firmware inside the Inline hardware, the IOS Wakeup device also has an external antenna, designed to send the bluetooth signal further and in all directions.


The IOS Wakeup firmware on the Inline device applies our Leashing mode to inter-device communications, but without any range limitation.

Leashing is a kind of association between the devices. Safetrust doesn't "pair" bluetooth devices in the manner a bluetooth speaker pairs with your phone. We create the association in a more automated and intelligent fashion.

And "Leashing" is the big difference between what we do and what a beacon does. 

  • Beacons are generally a one-way broadcast of non-secured data.  
    • Eg, the beacon announces its location ten times a second. 
  • Phones can track beacons and create wakeup events, but to do that, the phone is working hard, constantly scanning for the beacon. Then, once the phone finds the beacon, it keeps polling for data without taking into account how close the phone is, etc. 
    • As a result, phones working with beacons have reduced battery life. 
  • Safetrust's Leashing mode flips the paradigm of "which device is working hard". 


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