Are Safetrust Decals secure and do you offer a door reader replacement?

Safetrust Decals are a sticker that allows your mobile device to emulate your current RFID solution. Safetrust mobile credentials are encrypted using digital certificates from their issuance all the way through to the Decal.  The Decal will however transmit the emulated card number in the format that is recognized by your current reader.  If you are using technology without encryption like some 125khz proximity cards then the Decal does not improve your existing encryption at the reader.  However, if you are using encrypted card technology at the reader like DESFire/ev1/ev2 or digital certificates such as FIPS 201/CAK then the decal emulates these same technologies with the same high degree of encryption.

As an industry technology leader, Safetrust support is also built into many third party door readers allowing customers to choose a migration path of their door reader or sensor on a timeframe that suits them.  When the door reader is upgraded with 802.15.4 or compatible NFC, then the Safetrust mobile sends the encrypted credential directly to the door reader without the need for a Decal.

The combination of the Decal for fast and simple deployments plus a large range of wired and wireless door readers (we call them sensors) allows customers to migrate on their schedule to both frictionless mobile access and secure credentials.

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