How does the Safetrust Wallet operation speed compare to a regular RFID card ?

We interpret the question to be “that the virtual credential should operate a speed comparable to an encrypted RFID card”.

In practice, the Safetrust wallet communicates at over 1Mbit/s at much greater distances than RFID credentials.  Communication is fully encrypted end to end.  When comparing a 125khz prox card at the same distance, the Safetrust Wallet will operate at the same speed but uses full encryption unlike the unencrypted prox card.  A closer comparison of technology would be to compare either a Desfire/EV1/EV2 credential and the Safetrust Wallet.  The Safetrust Wallet outperforms a Desfire card in both distance and credential transmission speed.

Finally, the Safetrust Wallet outperforms all RFID cards in relation to distance, where an RFID card must be within a short distance to absorb power and influence the magnetic reader field, the Safetrust Wallet can communicate at distances up to 150 feet.

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