USB Dongle and supporting smart card APDUs

Q: Does the USB Dongle support smart card APDUs?


A:  The SABRE USB Dongle is a gateway device between a smartcard CCID USB device and the IoT 802.15.4 wireless protocol which is used to communicate with the Safetrust Wallet on the mobile device.  When the SABRE USB is plugged into a PC, it will display under Microsoft Device Manager as a CCID Smartcard Reader.  When the Safetrust Wallet software running on the mobile device is connected to the SABRE USB device, a second device will be displayed under device manager, smartcards called “NIST 800-73 smartcard”.

 The operating system believe that a NIST 800-73 smartcard is physically plugged into the computer.

Software running on the computer communicates with the NIST 800-73 smartcard using the APDU protocol as defined by the NIST 800-73 standard.  APDU’s may be sent to the virtual smartcard running on the mobile device using the Microsoft CSP or a PKCS#12 middleware layer.  Any middleware that supports US Government PIV cards should be compatible with the virtual smartcard provided that middleware is configured to recognize the ATR of the virtual smartcard.

The virtual smartcard supports four certificate slots per the standard.  You may load certificates into these slots through the Safetrust Credential Manager portal and these certificates are pushed to a persons mobile devices dynamically.

For a list of all APDUs support, please refer to the NIST 800-73 standard.

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