My Safetrust Wallet won't open the door. What should I do?

We have outlined several steps below to help you troubleshoot the issue.  Please try each step as described, and if after all the steps have not resolved the issue, contact Safetrust support staff and notify them you have gone through the diagnosis steps and are still encountering the issue.

  1. Has your configuration been working in the past and what you are encountering is a new behavior?
  2. Confirm that you have Bluetooth enabled and the Safetrust Wallet running.
  3. Check the Wallet menu to ensure you have the correct Virtual Credential synced to your mobile device.
  4. Determine whether this occurrence is isolated to you or whether others are also unable to open the door.
  5. If the problem involves all users, confirm whether the door reader has power. (Is there a light on the reader? Does it still function with any other credential device, such as a physical access card?)
  6. Have a user with the Admin or Installer Role, confirm whether they can see the SABRE device from the Admin Installer tab in the Safetrust Wallet.
  7. If the SABRE device is visible from the Admin Installer, confirm you have the latest firmware installed.
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