What types of SABRE’s are there?

SABRE’s are available in 4 different hardware configurations:

  1. SABRE DECAL - Is placed on or under the cover of an existing door reader. This SABRE harnesses power from the RFID field and acts as a BLE to RFID gateway.
  2. SABRE USB - Is placed into the USB slot on an existing computer. This SABRE is powered from the USB port and appears to the local machine as a CCID compliant smart card reader.
  3. SABRE INLINE - Is powered from the same source as the existing door reader and can be placed behind the door reader and in-line with the existing Wiegand or RS485 cabling.  
  4. SABRE RELAY - Is powered from an external 12-24V source and has an inbuilt relay for triggering a switch
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