What is the installation process for the SABRE DECAL?

The installation process can be completed within minutes by following some basic steps:

  1. Remove the plastic film on the back of the SABRE DECAL and place the reader module on an existing proximity reader, or under the front cover.
  2. Register the SABRE DECAL within Safetrust’s Credential Manager, to explicitly lock the device to an Identity System that you manage.
  3. Register Users within the Identity System and assign one or more credentials with the appropriate controls.
  4. Download the Safetrust Wallet from either the App Store or Google Play and log into the local app using either a username and password, Google connected account or Digital Certificate.
  5. Once authenticated, the Safetrust Wallet will automatically sync the badge data with the local device. To open the door, simply bring your mobile device within a configurable range of the SABRE enabled door reader.
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